Mobile marketing is one the most fast growing sectors in the world.With Changing Market circumstances It is a must for brands to touch existing and potential customers. Marketing is not like the way it is before.

Before the Social Media turn in to a marketing stragedy personal phones have already been in the marketing battle field.Have not you got in to this point? We can help you to have better results with new channels entegrated with targeted, scalable, low budgeted, and measurable technologies.

SMS Applications

You name the target audience to be touched by your brand and we reach that audience for you. We can bulk message people who are already in your customers database or we can send SMSes to potential new customers. And you are not only limited with SMS.If you like we can send WAPPUSH messages and help you to calculate the returns.

IVR Applications

IVR(Interactive Voice Response) is the best choice we can recommend you. You can call people with recorded voices and follow a scenario. You can collect digits from users.

to make Rapid, Live and online surveys, preparing games or just want to tell your new product is on the market. The things you can do is only limited with your imagination.

Integrated Mobile Solutions

Even you can use solutions like SMS, WAPPUSH, IVR and MMS seperately you can also use them integrated with each other.When you add Internet and WAP programs integration you will have a mobile solution that you can collect data from many sides.

We can do integrated solutions to power up your campaign!

E-Mail Marketing

Even though it is an old technology , when it is compared with rapid implementation and being cheap, email marketing is the way you can not refuse. We can send emails for your customer database.

And our genious web masters can design or give ideas about the mail you will send. We can help you to measure how effective is your campaign with the best solutions.


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