To reach all kinds of information with smart phones, is just one touch ahead now.

If you want to create difference with your applications or services ,you are in the right place. With Young Object, it is just a piece of cake to create services that develops different kinds of user experience.

Mobile Solutions

Ten years before cell phones were just a luxory but now today it become a need. All the information of the world is just one click away from the user.You can watch trailers, book tickets for that movie, listen to music or make a reservation for an hotel in Paris. It is all possible.

The most liked and used application in the value added services market are entertainment based services,logo-melody,games, music, voting etc. stays in the best known services. Othe than these, with the improvements in the technology embedded mobile applications showed up. These applications with the integration of the internet expands the boundries of value added services. With 3G the internet speed up and bring different services with quality changes.

Young Object is ready to give life to your ideas, that are just limited with your immagination.

İnternet Applications

We don't know where the internet is going but al we know is Web/Wap applications is a must for every brand.

With Young Object's high experiences in the web and wap fields we can create or renew your WEB/WAP Portals.

With integrated internet applications with new Social Media Fenomens : Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare it is more easy for your brand to be recognized and make your customers database bigger.

Our Social media team can administrate your campaigns. Bring your facebook applications in to life and even entegrate them with your mobile applications.

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